Scientific Objectives

Metaphysics and Person is a magazine with an international scope and academic nature. Its principal objective is to disseminate and discuss the results of the most recent research in the field related to its title and subtitle, mainly by publishing new articles and notes with outstanding scientific value.

It seeks to be a place to bring together and spread studies that delve into the relationships between philosophy, knowledge, and life, and whose quality, originality, and rigor are an evident step forward in knowledge and an outstanding contribution in the scientific field of the subjects it covers.

Thematic Coverage

The crux of the magazine is the reality of the person. The articles published in it will cover the study of the person from the different points of view that allow us to know it better. The reader will therefore find essays in philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, medicine, and other fields centered on man. Nevertheless, the magazine gives special attention to philosophical anthropology and especially to the metaphysics of the person, since these are the disciplines that give meaning and serve as a foundation for the rest of knowledge about man.

Target Audience

Metaphysics and Person sis aimed especially at the scientific and academic community, particularly at those researchers in universities or other centers who, working from a philosophical perspective, dedicate all or some of their writings to improving our understanding of the person, a topic which needs to be constantly reviewed and updated.

However, due to the many perspectives that it welcomes, the magazine is also open to a wider public: to all those who, gifted with a philosophical foundation and a certain education in knowledge about human existence, wish to deepen their knowledge of the person.

Nature of the Submissions

Submissions to Metaphysics and Person have to be yet unpublished in any language and not currently in the process of revision for publication in any other magazine or publication, whether print or digital. In principle, the articles will be published in the language in which they were written, although at times, in agreement with the author, they may be translated into Spanish or English.

The articles and notes are subjected to a double blind peer review. In order to be published, the articles have to receive two favorable reviews. The notes, however, can be accepted with just one positive review and rejected with a single negative review.

More details about such cases are laid out in the editorial norms.

General Information (writing, dissemination, identification, and contact)

Metaphysics and Person is jointly edited by the Universidad de Málaga (UMA) and the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP). It began as an electronic magazine, but today is it offered to readers both in digital format and as a print publication.

In its printed version, the magazine is distributed internationally through exchanges, donations, and subscriptions (see Subscriptions).

Metaphysics and Person is listed among the indexing and summarization services cited in the INDEXED section.

Essential Identification

Title: Metaphysics and Person
Subtitle: Philosophy, Knowledge, and Life
Nature: Philosophical magazine
Frequency: Biannual
Scope: International
Online ISSN: 1989-4996
Print ISSN: 2007-9699

Place of publication, year of publication, and publishing company

Málaga (Spain), Universidad de Málaga (Grupo PAI, Junta de Andalucía, HUM-495).

Puebla (Mexico), Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (Philosophy faculty).

Year founded: 2009

Physical and electronic address

Metaphysics and Person magazine

Departamento de Filosofía
(Tomás Melendo Granados)
Facultad de Filosofía y letras
Universidad de Málaga
Campus de Teatinos
E-29071 MÁLAGA (España)

Departamento de Filosofía
(Roberto Casales García)
Facultad de Filosofía
Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla
21 sur 1003 Col. Santiago
72410 PUEBLA (México)